Facade Systems - Structural Silicone Glazing

Structural Silicone Glazing (SSG) is a specialist form of glazing that can be applied to Stick and Unitised Curtain Walling systems and may also be used in selected window designs.

The primary purpose of this method of glazing is that it enables the architects/specifiers to create flush or part-flush façades.   This is an excellent alternative to the standard method of retaining insulated glass units and panes in position by protruding aluminium caps, pressure plates/fixings.

The insulated glass units are attached to an independent aluminium carrier frame where the glass infills are bonded in a controlled factory environment with a special factory applied silicone joint such as Dow Corning DC 993.  The assembled units and sealants are stored in a temperature controlled environment for a specific period of time before the units are delivered to the project site, where they are positioned and retained in place by this silicone fixing method.

The external joints between insulated glass units are sealed by either pre-formed EPDM weathering gaskets or a site applied wet silicone seal such as Dow Corning DC 791.  Once applied this ensures a successful weatherproof building envelope.

Sealant can be applied to two opposite sides or on all four sides of the glazed panels.  The advantage of a two-sided SSG system is that it can create a horizontal or vertical emphasis on the glass façade.