Facade Systems - Rooflight & Sloped Glazing Systems

The sloped glazing systems designed, manufactured and installed by GLF are chosen to suit the most complex shapes and the challenging aspects of current building envelope design.

Wind-driven rain, hot humid air, pollutants, cold air, interstitial condensation and external airborne noise (acoustic requirements) must be considered, engineered and managed to create successful Rooflight design.

Our Team has built up a wealth of knowledge in Rooflight and Skylight products and design and continues to successfully execute the most demanding sloped glazing projects both large and small and including the flattest of glass roofing.

At the Gibson Hotel, Point Village, Dublin the specification of the glazing was almost flat.  GLF successfully completed this at a 3 degree angle off the horizontal.    This was one of the flattest Rooflights which we have undertaken to date.   A full understanding of weather tightness principles is vital in order to have the confidence to undertake such difficult design.  This is where the GLF Design Team excels.  Further evidence of this is the large sloped and gradual faceted roof glazing at Balbriggan Town Centre.  On this project the area of roof glazing alone is in excess of 1,800 square metres and the approximate weight of the insulated glass units in the roof area is in excess of 95 tonnes.