Frequently Asked Questions

QHow long is GLF in business?


GLF was formed in 1988 and will be 28 years in business later this year.

QWhat experience do the GLF directors have ?


The company’s directors are Eugene Gunn, Pádraig O'Dwyer, Paul Gunn, Adrian Davis and Barry O’Callaghan.  They have vast experience in the Industry spanning several decades.  For further information on their backgrounds please see 'About Us' page.

QWhat type of glazing products does GLF offer to the market ?


GLF offers the full range of architectural glazing products.  Our products include standard and bespoke Curtain Walling Solutions, Sloped Roof Glazing and Skylights, Structural Silicone Glazing (we are approved by Dow Corning UK) and Rainscreen Cladding ranging from aluminium panels, terracotta to cedar options. We also specialise in both standard and bespoke Brise Soleil Systems and offer the full range of architectural window products from Casement/Tilt & Turn Windows to Commercial Entrance Swing Doors and heavy duty Sliding Doors.

QWhat size is the company today?


GLF has grown steadily since it was founded in 1988 and it now employs over 50 full time staff.  We have the flexibility to increase our staff levels as market demands change.

QHow does GLF ensure competitiveness and quality control ?


GLF has increased investment in both 2D and 3D design computer software, which allows us to fully model complex façade and glazed structures. This in turn enables us to maximise the use of our new automated cutting and CNC machinery which facilitates a seamless transition from design to manufacturing.

Our highly skilled workforce is our asset.  Our commitment to ongoing training ensures that our teams are technically expert and fully equipped to deliver to GLF’s exacting standards.   

The above elements ensure competitiveness while maintaining the highest standards of quality control.  It is upon these high standards of quality that GLF has built an excellent reputation in the Industry.

QHow would GLF distinguish itself from its competitors?


Our vast experience in the industry built up over many decades enables us to realise the requirements of both architects’ designs and the main contractors’ programme.  GLF’s attention to detail and commitment to excellence is second to none.  All contracts are managed within the company by senior personnel who have access to and control over key function areas such as costing, design, procurement, manufacture and site installation.

QWhat types of projects have GLF been involved with in the past?


GLF has been involved in all types of building contracts, including hospitals, schools, universities, office developments, banks, security installations and retail, many of which were custom-designed to specific project requirements.

QWhat is the largest glazing project GLF has undertaken to date?


Our largest contract to date was the St Vincent’s University Hospital development in Dublin (€10m approx.).  The project included the Hospital’s ancillary buildings, Psychiatric, Pharmacy, Breast Check and Mortuary as well as the car park.  GLF was also appointed to provide the Curtain Walling and Brise Soleil at St Vincent’s Private Hospital within the same grounds. The estimated value of this additional project was € 9m bringing the value of our work to date at St Vincent’s Hospital up to circa €19m.

QIn terms of value, what is the project range for which GLF competes ?


Although we are considered a specialist company in design and many of our projects are valued in excess of €3m, we regularly involve ourselves in smaller bespoke projects where we are equally well placed to utilise our design experience, capabilities and modern manufacturing facilities to suit client needs.

QWhat systems companies do GLF work with in the market ?


Many of our projects to date have been 100% in-house custom designed and produced specifically to meet an individual client’s designs.  The new Dun Laoghaire Library (the Lexicon) and Dublin Airport Head Office Building are examples of two such projects.  Another example is the Brown Thomas flagship store on Grafton Street, Dublin.  Its shop front is manufactured in bright mild steel and incorporates bespoke electric sun blinds designed, manufactured and installed by GLF, which retract between steel grilles to give the façade a streamlined and timeless appearance.

Today, in conjunction with maintaining our capacity to offer complete custom design, we collaborate with leading aluminium system suppliers such as Aluprof, Schueco, Wicona, Technal, and APA.  While we sometimes avail of these companies’ standard systems, we also regularly develop in conjunction with them, custom extrusions which complement and tailor their systems to meet clients’ specific design requirements.

QWhat is GLFs view on the increasing use of semi- unitised and unitised construction ?


On many of our contracts we endeavour to assemble and glaze as many components of the façade within our factory environment. This ultimately leads to quicker installation on site.

We would, where possible, favour the use of semi-unitised and unitised construction.  Many of our Technical and Fabrication Team members have worked with both the Schueco and Wicona unitised systems, and we as a company have extensive experience in semi-unitised systems.