Facade Systems - Bolted Glass Assemblies

Bolted Glass Assemblies (BGA) can be used to create a near transparent façade or sloped roof with a flush glass appearance.  BGA are manufactured from sheets of toughened glass and/or toughened laminated glass and are assembled to the required design with either a selection of laminated glass structural fins or by a series of 316 stainless steel spider fittings and stainless steel bolts, which are generally supported by a secondary steel structure. The structural glass wall assemblies can be designed to suit both single and double glazed requirements.

At GLF, a series of studies/investigations are undertaken by our Technical Team using calculation and animation on complex 2D and 3D computer modeling.  This indentifies any potential engineering issues arising from client brief/design.  This allows us to identify technical issues and implement the most appropriate design, glass thicknesses, and maximum glass panel size and also quantify the correct number of fixing points.  This also enables the procurement of any bespoke components at an early stage.

The engineering  issues to be overcome vary.  They may include positive and negative wind loads, live and dead loads, snow loads and the issues of thermal expansion and contraction.  The effect of human behaviour is also a factor.  Soft and hard body impact tests are carried out to ensure public safety.

We design bespoke glass assemblies to suit all shapes, sizes and angles.  When designing roof glazing, skylights and glass canopies, it is advisable to specify a minimum 3 degree slope to eliminate ponding of water on the glass and ensure efficient rain water runoff.